Bonkheads Download Free Game Setup

Bonkheads Download Game Free and Play arcade game. It is addictive action game. You have to fight against monsters. Download Bonkheads free.

Bonekheads Overview

Bankhead PC Game published by 1 AM. This is an old 2D game. We loved to play this in childhood. Some fans and requestors demanded that I should upload this game. That’s why I have provided a complete game setup of BonkHeads. Just download it install and play.

You’ll dive into childhood memories when you were a kid and playing a multiplayer Bonkheads game. Having a challenge in the game as usual. The game was very addictive and everyone loved to play it.  In each stage, there are several floors. You have to jump up and down. Killing monsters was necessary to complete a stage. The game becomes more and more difficult with time.

Features of Bonkheads Game

  1. Addictive Game Play
  2. Easy and Simple
  3. Small Size
  4. Stages Become more Difficult with time.

Bonkheads Download

Click on below button to start Bonkheads download. This is complete setup. Just enjoy the game.


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